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MF-PortretMoran Fisher was born in Israel in 1982. Currently she lives and works in Tel Aviv. She graduated from MFA (master in fine art) program, from the University of Haifa in Israel. Before that, she lived in The Netherlands for about five years, and studied fine art in the academy for the arts in Utrecht (HKU). She participated in numerous exhibition and art fairs around the world. In 2010 she had the honour to win The Royal Award for Painting, which has been given by the queen Beatrix in the royal palace in Amsterdam. She focuses on painting and drawing. Moran Fisher is interested in colour as a motion-forming material, and searches for images that create tension and dual meanings to the viewer. She is inspired by textiles and organic and fractal forms in nature. Her paintings are dealing with movement, rhythm and order-disorder. The works constructed in a playful layer-upon-layer application of paint, and, fluctuate between figurative styles and geometric abstraction. They relate to pop-art, op-art and minimalism.

BODY & CLOTHES Wearing the inside-out - These paintings deal with the relationship between the visual sense and the kinesthetic sense, between internal volume and its external influence. Moran Fisher: The clothes series is based on blow-up photos that I use for figuring out composition, cropping and ‘zooming in’ on the way in which fabrics fold on different parts of the body. Our cloths as a meeting point between what is revealed and what is concealed, as a second skin, as a package, a screen or mask that separates and marks the borders between the intimate space inside our bodies and between the space around us. The body which breads life and motion into clothes that enhance or blur sexuality, exposes or conceals its secrets, and raises questions about identity and fashion. The changes in fashion always reflect changes in structures of symbolic communication. 

Close > Closet from the Encyclopedia of Ideas by David Gurevitch, p. 62: “The hierarchy of organizing clothes in a closet (recent clothes, old clothes, sentimental clothes), like the hierarchy of wearing clothes, creates a complex net of symbols (emotional, imaginary, sexual, ext…) in which we write ourselves.  It is a secret writing of changes that our 'self' undergoes, a testament of the way we announce change to the world.”

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