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Lon Godin constructs a world which is not fixed, a world in the making. Painting itself is her topic. She makes paintings, works on paper, but also films, photography and digital prints. Her paintings are made with freehand but precise brushstrokes. A series of predetermined actions creates a motive, and so the image. In her films, she uses the camera to unruffle the painting as a process. Using animation techniques to re-animate series of stills. ‘Painting is the action of becoming’, an action in imaginary space and time. The painting is a reality arising from processes. It is a momentary halt in an infinate flow. By using film and photography she lends the work different dimensions. Not using the other media as a form of reproduction, but as continuation of the process which started with painting. The different types of media are all related to the phenomenon ‘time’ in their own way. Her work formulates questions about our existence in a visual way, questions about the
physical and the temporary. The work provides no answers, but it unveils the unrest of not knowing and not being in control.

Finished in 1986 Willem de Kooning academie in Rotterdam.

selected exhibitions:

  • Reuten Galerie Amsterdam
  • Paris Concret Parijs
    Construction en cours
    duo exhibition with Marie Thurman
  • Malplaquet Berlijn
  • ART Amsterdam

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