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Julia Schewalie focuses in her work on the reflection of light on color-neutral surfaces. The material used in each case is torn from its original purpose. Due to its processing, it sometimes seems hard, sometimes soft, without betraying its real state. It seduces the viewer to an interplay between construction and deconstruction. The changing reflections on the surface are always part of the work. The works capture the space together with the natural and artificial light and the viewer in an individual way. The works are constantly changing and do not know a solid state.

*1988 (Pavlodar Region), Kazakhstan, SU
2009-2015 Akademie der bildenden Künste, Munich

Right now:
01.08.-31.12.2019 Eco-Art 2019 PUBLIC NATURE – PRIVAT CULTURE, Archeological site of Efta-Ai-Giorkies, Geroskipou, Cyprus

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